Just Farmers


Who are we?
• Federation of “farmers that the industry forgot”

Curt and Betsey Gesch relaxing with a load of loose hay

Curt and Betsey Gesch relaxing with a load of loose hay

• Often small scale (we might farm ½ acre or 5 acres or 20 or more—often less than ¼ section/160 acres; sometimes nearer a thousand!)
• Diversity of concerns including health, lifestyle, environmental friendliness, holistic approach
• Mostly “part-timers”—need another income to survive

Why another publication?
• We need regional communications specific to the Bulkley Valley in Northern B.C. Most of the good things are from prairie sources, the Lower Mainland of B.C. (that’s like another country compared to the Bulkley Valley).
• There are many local farmers and gardeners who have knowledge that is “hidden” because of busy-ness, or disenfranchisement from any established organisation, intentional or not.

What can we offer?
• Stories.
• Photos that either celebrate farming life or instruct each other.
• Resources that one or another of us have found useful.
• Wisdom from more recent immigrants to our region.
• Knowledge that we are not alone.


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